Current Tip Of The Week: Side Hill Lies

Side hill lies trouble you? Try this!

If the ball is above your feet on a sidehill lie:

  • Play the ball back in your stance.
  • Take a couple of extra clubs so you can keep balanced while you swing.
  • Choke down on the club downhill sidehill.
  • Play the ball in the middle of your stance.
  • Flex your knees a little more than normal.
  • Very importantly, maintain your flex throughout the shot.

– Paul Enright

Past Tip: Problems in the Rough

Trouble with this year’s long, wet, lush rough?

Take one of your lofted fairway woods or hybrids.
Play the ball in the middle of your stance.
Aim a little left as if you were going to hit a fade, this will help you pick the club up a little more steeply.
Hold on tight with your top hand.
Make a more upright backswing, hit down more than normal and have a short follow through.
Make sure you don’t try and get too much out of the shot.

Hopefully warmer, drier weather is just around the corner.

Past Tip: Golfing in the Wind

This Spring has been extremely windy, so the ability to hit knock down shots is very useful. To hit them?

  1. Take 1, 2, even 3 extra clubs
  2. Play the ball slightly back in your stance
  3. Swing smoothly or coast thru to an abbreviated finish. The harder you hit the ball the more it will balloon upward into the wind and fall short. The same is true if you hit down too much.

Enjoy the wind!

Past Tip: Short Putt Woes

Having trouble with short putts? Try this!

Line your putt up, pick a spot an inch in front of your ball then focus on rolling your ball over the spot and don’t worry about the hole. You will start making them and regain your confidence!

Struggling with part of your game? Send me your questions and I’ll try and help you out.

Past Tip: Warming Up

When beginning your season, it’s important to start slowly and easy to prevent any pulled muscles or strains that may land you on the disabled list for some time.

Here is my list for warming up:

  • Stretch (Any and all stretching is good)
  • Against conventional wisdom, start with your driver making full swings at about 20% of your normal speed. Make sure you make full turns back and through to ensure stretching out the muscles that you use in your swing. Starting with wedges or short irons can jar your joints and muscles.
  • Next, work your way through your irons and a few full speed drivers.

Enjoy the start of your golf season!